At Kitchen Bathroom Solutions, we are a locally owned family business boasting one of the largest, most comprehensive showrooms in Rockhampton. It incorporates a number of kitchen displays, vanities, showers, mirrors, taps and fittings. We are without a doubt your one-stop shop for high-quality kitchen and bathroom products.

Our qualified installers specialise in white gloss 2 pac polyurethane painted doors and granite benchtops, products that are both synonymous with quality. We buy direct from suppliers and deal in bulk so that there is no middle man and the savings are passed on directly to our customers. You can have a 2 pac kitchen with a granite benchtop in your home for a similar price to that of a laminate kitchen.

We offer a free measure, design and quote so give one of the team a call today or visit our showroom in North Rockhampton.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is 2 pac polyurethane paint?
A: In simple terms 2 pac means the paint has separate two separate parts—acrylic paint and a hardening agent. When combined, they allow the paint to cure. The result is a highly durable, prestigious surface that's exceptionally resistant to conditions normally found in kitchens and bathrooms, such as heat, moisture, chipping, and stains.
Q: How do I maintain my 2 pac or melamine doors?
A: 2 pac polyurethane and melamine doors are incredibly attractive, highly sought after and a breeze to clean. A warm sponge with your standard washing-up detergent is all you'll ever need. Avoid more abrasive chemicals to keep the surface smooth and glossy.
Q: How do I care for my new granite benchtop?
A: Incredibly forgiving and hard-wearing, granite is heat resistant, scratch resistant and stain resistant. As with our 2 pac and melamine cabinetry, a wipe with warm, soapy water using a household detergent will suffice for most messes. Avoid placing hot pans directly on the surface or extremely heavy objects that might cause the benchtop to crack.
Q: How long will it take to install my kitchen?
A: We work with other trades during your renovation to ensure everything goes smoothly. The installation of the cabinets and benchtops can take us as little as 2 days, to minimise the disruption to your daily life. We really do take the stress and worry off your shoulders and minimise any inconvenience as much as possible, even removing your existing kitchen for you.